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Shop 10 ,Post Office Square, 270 Queen st, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

This is as simple and straightforward as it can get. Finding the place is the most complex aspect to it. Within the labyrinth that is the Post Office Square  a few turns are needed to be taken to find it standing virtually on its own within the vicinity of the food court.

Everything about the place is well planned enough to get the appearance of bare-boned across. Even the bin looks like it was bought, low-key. It is obviously not a well-kept secret, as there is a long line of people out the door (although, the shop is not that big regardless) especially during the lunch break. In spite of a long line, it could not be further from being the opposite of what it would normally entail. With several people co-cooperatively working in a line, synergy is in tow and the meals are done in what is mere minutes. Each meal comes served in a takeaway container, and the cutlery and sauce are both down the end to finish off.

The menu is really simple. There are no entrees or sides here, just Japanese-style curry. It comes with a side of rice, a salad with with a mayonnaise-based dressing and pickled cabbage. All that needs to be done is order the meat you want (or the vegetarian option, yasai), and have the cash in hand . It is a tasty, and well-proportioned meal that actually seems somewhat healthy. Lots of places serving a similar item would suffer in quality with the wait of the crumbed meats in the bain maries; a long and constant line up guarantees that the meats are fresh, crispy and hot when served. It is rare to see such a successful business with a stark model, but this is one place that has perfected it. For the money that it costs, it is well-worth it and some of the best all around that will be found in quite a reasonable radius.

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