85 Elizabeth St, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
(07) 3220 2677(07) 3220 2677

A great little Korean-run store in the heart of the CBD.

It was here that I discovered – with much horror – that the candy I’d lovingly brought back from my trip to Japan was sold here. In Australia! At this supermarket! For a cheaper price! All of that luggage space wasted. After I overcame my feelings of distress, I bought myself some delicious strawberry-chocolate candies and felt better. (It’s a Japanese brand, and the box is patterned with cartoon strawberries – you should keep an eye out for it.)

But if you’re after something more wholesome, Koz is a fantastic supermarket for groceries and toiletries. There are a lot of quality (and bizarre) Asian products here; from knives and hairbrushes, to hair dye in every imaginable shade of brown and black.

There are also frozen meats, frozen meals, a huge range of instant noodles, appliances, and Asian ice creams. My old housemate was Japanese and whenever she missed home, she’d drop by here and pick up some frozen, shredded pork and cook her favourite meal. Koz Market is well worth visiting if you’re after a broader Asian grocery experience beyond Burlington and Yuen’s in Chinatown.

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