University of Southern Queensland, Springfield Central, Queensland, Australia

Aiki Ten Shin Sho Kai has been teaching in Brisbane and Bristol since 1988.

It is a traditional Japanese martial arts school based on the principle of Aiki or blending with energy.
Both open hand and weapons forms are taught.

The primary purpose of the School is to provide a vehicle for self transformation; a new way of ‘seeing’ through the practice of a martial discipline.

It is not a sport nor a competitive art, so whilst it is extremely effective as a self defence, if you are after a quick and easy way to learn to ‘fight’, then this is not the School for you.

If, instead, you are looking for a more comprehensive approach, then Aiki Ten Shin Sho Kai offers a practical life philosophy as expressed through Japanese Budo.

Lang Park PCYC, Suncorp Stadium , Castlemaine Street, Milton, Brisbane

Takemusu Aikido Kai (Australia) Inc. is an internationally affiliated not for profit martial arts school, with dojos at Brisbane, Redlands and the Sunshine Coast.

Aikido is non-competitive, non-reliant on physical strength and is enjoyed by people of all ages. It is known for its flowing style using the attacker’s energy rather than fighting against it and for providing mental and physical coordination and balance.

Cnr Milton Road and Wienholt Street, Auchenflower, Brisbane

Bujinkan Dojo Brisbane is school of Japanese Martial Arts which has been operating in the Brisbane area since 1997.

The Dojo study Ko-budō 古武道 (“old / classical martial ways”) which are those martial traditions which were developed by and for the samurai and ninja of Japan’s feudal period for actual use on the battlefield.

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